La carte de voeux

Le mot du jour : “la carte de vœux”
Traditions around Christmas in France are slightly different from the British ones, and one of the things we don’t do in France is the Christmas card.

Instead, from the first of January we send “des cartes de voeux” (good wishes cards) where we write all the good things we wish to our friends and family for the new year. You would usually hope for the recipient to have lots of happiness, success at work and most of all “une bonne santé” (a good health), which is taking a new meaning this year.

When I was a child, my grand-parents would put a banknote in the card, for my “étrennes” (New Year’s gift).

It is completely acceptable to send your wishes all over the month of January, but by February it’s too late.

Of course nowadays, the traditional cards tend to disappear in favour of text messages or virtual cards sent by e-mail.

Bonne année et bonne santé à tous, que 2021 vous apporte tout le bonheur possible 😊

(Happy New year and Good Health to you all, may the year 2021 bring you all the happiness possible)

Cartes virtuelles modele de voeux - Joliecarte