Être au bout du rouleau

Le mot du jour : “Être au bout du rouleau”I don’t know if, like me, you have children at home, but mine are completely “au bout du rouleau”. So what does this mean? “Être au bout du rouleau” means to be at the end of the roll, so to be exhausted, basically. This expression has […]

On n’est pas sorti de l’auberge !

Le mot du jour : “On n’est pas sorti de l’auberge !” “Une auberge” is an hostel and the whole sentence can be translated by “We have not left the hostel” I think the closest equivalent in English would be “We are not out of the woods yet”. But why would leaving an inn be […]

Être haut comme trois pommes.

Le mot du jour : “être haut comme trois pommes” Let’s start the week with a cute expression. “Être haut comme trois pommes” (to be as high as three apples) means to be small. Believe me, given how short I am, I’ve heard that one a lot when I was a child 🙂 It’s an […]

La mouche du coche

Le mot du jour : “La mouche du coche” I learnt a few days ago a new (well, new for me!) English expression : “back seat driver” It’s apparently someone quite annoying, giving lots of advice and orders without being actually helpful. Well, in French we would call that kind of people “une mouche du […]

Journée Européenne des Langues

Today is the European Day of Languages. So go and learn a language, it doesn’t matter which one 🙂 You can start simply with an app on your phone and learn a few words everyday. It’s good for your mental health, is a good work-out for your memory muscle, and it will widen your horizon. […]

En faire tout un fromage

Le mot du jour : “en faire tout un fromage”That expression is quite funny and can be translated by : “to make a whole cheese out of something” You use it when someone is overreacting, making a big fuss. It is the equivalent of the British expression “to make a mountain out of a molehill” […]

Heureux comme un poisson dans l’eau

Le mot du jour : “Heureux comme un poisson dans l’eau”“Heureux comme un poisson dans l’eau” means “happy like fish in water”.It describes someone happy with his/her own situation in life, someone comfortable. And I think this is exactly the feeling of my daughter at the moment, as she is packing for university with a […]

Broyer du noir

Le mot du jour : “Broyer du noir” Broyer du noir (to crush some black shades) is an expression that comes from the XVI° century and it means to have dark thoughts, to feel blue. Apparently it comes from the painters when they used to crush their pigments to make some paint. So to all […]

La rentrée

Le mot du jour : “La rentrée”This week, in France as in the UK, children are going back to school. This is a huge event called “la rentrée” (returning, going back in). Schools in France are free (except if you opt for a private school, of course) and children don’t have to wear a uniform, […]

Pour des prunes

Le mot du jour : “Pour des prunes” “Pour des prunes” (for plums) means “for nothing” or “in vain”. You could say for example : “J’ai travaillé toute la journée, pour des prunes” (I worked all day, all for nothing). But why would lovely plums be considered so worthless? Well, it turns out that in […]