Être dans la lune

Le mot du jour : “être dans la lune”

“Être dans la lune” (to be on the moon) means “to have your head in the clouds”, to be a daydreamer.

Each time you are distracted, when your mind leaves that Zoom’s meeting and go somewhere nicer, you are “dans la lune”.

The moon has long been a symbol of dreams among the poets, so that expression makes complete sense.

It is no surprise either that the opposite of being “dans la lune” is “avoir les pieds sur terre” (to have your feet on the ground) 😀
So if someone notices that you have not been listening, just say : “Désolé(e), j’étais dans la lune !” (Sorry, I was on the moon!)

Such a far away journey should impress them 😉

La lune - Osyss' Or