Le réveillon

Le mot du jour : Le Réveillon
Today, we are between two “Réveillons” : the Christmas one and the New Year’s Eve one.

So what is a “réveillon”?

Le réveillon is the evening before Christmas and before New Year’s day. The word comes from “réveil” (waking) because you have to stay awake very late.

We also have a verb to go with it, “réveillonner”, which can be use only for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can party as much as you want any other day of the year, it still won’t be a “réveillon” 😃

So what do we do for the “Réveillon”? Well the Christmas one is about food and Midnight Mass, and the Saint Sylvestre one (St Sylvestre being the saint of 31st December) is about food and partying.

This year obviously is very different and there won’t be real “réveillons” with big groups of people partying together.

I wish you nonetheless a very nice “réveillon de la St Sylvestre”.I hope 2021 will bring you lots of joy.

Bonne année à tous !

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