Les carottes sont cuites !

“Les carottes sont cuites” (the carrots are cooked) is an expression that can be translated by “It’s over”, “It’s lost”.

I tried to find the origin of that expression, because it seemed weird that carrots would be used to express such a despair!

Well, it’s quite blurry, but it seemed that from the XVIIth century, carrots were considered a vegetable for really poor people. In time, “avoir ses carottes cuites” (to have your carrots cooked) meant to be dying.

I love carrots so I find that expression a little bit unfair on them, but it seems that for Mr Trump anyway, “les carottes sont cuites !”

I don’t know what kind of British expression would mean the same, so if you do, please let me know 🙂

Les carottes sont cuites – Un lieu de vie pour les EHS