Un sentiment de déjà-vu

Le mot du jour : “Un sentiment de déjà-vu”
Well, with the lockdown being back on both side of the Channel, I couldn’t help but feel that we were going through the same motions as before. Hence my “sentiment de déjà-vu”.

“Sentiment” means “feeling” and “déjà-vu” can be translated by “already seen”.

The English expression “déjà-vu” is used to describe this weird feeling we can have sometimes of having already seen a place or an action before, even when we have no memory of it.

In France, we use that expression in a more literal way, to talk about something that is happening again, something that is not new.

For example, you could watch a TV show, find it boring and say : “Ce genre de film, c’est vraiment du déjà-vu” (that kind of movie has already been seen/ is not innovative)

So if you find yourself in a repetitive situation, just shrug and say “Pff, c’est du déjà-vu !”

The Experience of Deja Vu - Judith Orloff MD