Être haut comme trois pommes.

Le mot du jour : “être haut comme trois pommes”

Let’s start the week with a cute expression.

“Être haut comme trois pommes” (to be as high as three apples) means to be small. Believe me, given how short I am, I’ve heard that one a lot when I was a child 🙂

It’s an expression you use when you talk to or about children, in an affectionate way. For example, if you meet a child after a while, it’s very common to say : “Oh la la, la dernière fois que je t’ai vu, tu étais haut comme trois pommes !” (Wow, the last time I saw you, you were very little!)

I don’t know where the idea of comparing children’s size with three apples stacked on one another came from, but I find it quite sweet 😊