Avoir plus d’un tour dans son sac

Le mot du jour : “Avoir plus d’un tour dans son sac”

And this is the last one about “le sac à procès” (trial bag). It can be translated by “to have more than one trick in one’s bag”, but I think the closest English expression is probably “to have more than one trick up your sleeve”.

It turns out that in 18th’s century trials, just as in today’s procedural TV shows, people loved a little bit of surprise and last minute plot twist. So, if you were able to pull an unexpected evidence from your bag, you could win the heart of the audience.I learnt only recently the origin of that expression, and for a long time I thought it had to do with magicians, when all along it had been about lawyers!

Today it is used to say that you are not at the end of your possibilities, that there is still things you can do to win over a situation.

That’s it for the “sac à procès” 🙂

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