Quelque chose qui cloche

Le mot du jour : “Quelque chose qui cloche”
When something is not working well, you say in French : “Hmm, il y a quelque chose qui cloche”.

It has nothing to do with “les cloches” (bells) but with the old French “clocher” (to limp).

So “il y a quelque chose qui cloche” could be translated by “Something is limping, something is not working as it should”.

That was exactly our feeling when our eldest came back with her A-level results where the predicted As had been turned into Cs by the magic of an algorithm…🙄

Now bracing ourselves for the GCSEs results of our second daughter…

Good luck to all the students out there waiting for their results!

Il y a quelque chose qui ne va pas. Ex: L'histoire qu'il me ...